A Walk Round Grassington

A Walk Round Grassington | Poetry

by Northern Life

by Margaret Ellis, Brighouse

Under sun-speckled sky on a day in July,
We went Grassington way for a gentle stroll day
We walked through the Square
Look a coffee shop there!
An affable waiter. Then coffee filled later
Along with the beat of more ambling feet
Turned left at the post and look what a host
Turned left at the post
Of ramblers and hikers and one or two bikers

From over the wall came a snuffling call
Heads piebald and brown, sighing “More folk from town”
But, Polos? We said. Each nodded a head
Then crunches and whiffles and peppermint sniffles

Back to the lazing of long summer days-ing
We went on our way smelling bruise scented hay
A chimney of brick – and hold on a tick
“Yes. Yes. It’s the way. That place in its day
Was a hospital block.” A bit of a shock
Then in front of our eyes a pleasant surprise
A meadow in sight full of flower-filled light
The grass was green tangled and daisy-eyed spangled
The scent filled our senses. Oh, more stiles and fences.