A Song For Edward

‘A Song For Edward’, a vibrant young boy whose life was taken too early

by Northern Life

A Song For Edward

‘A Song For Edward’ is available to buy from Amazon

Songs often remind of us places, moments and more often than not, people. One man who knows all about the power of song is Jay Stansfield, owner of The Songwriting Company. The Songwriting Company focuses on creating songs for remembrance as a way to remember loved ones who have passed away and to celebrate their lives in music and his latest song is testament to that very vision.

Jay was recently commissioned by The Edward Dee Fund to write a song for a young boy named Edward who sadly passed away at the age of ten from Meningitis and Sepsis. Edward was an energetic, thoughtful and vibrant young man who inspired the entire community of Lytham, and so, a charity has been set up by his family to remember him and raise awareness of the terrible diseases that took his life.

The Edward Dee Fund: educating, engaging and inspiring the community.

After an emotional and heartwarming conversation with Edward’s mum, Elizabeth, Jay returned to his studio, sat down at his piano and pulled Edward’s life together in one song bursting with little stories, filled with emotion and most importantly, honours the memory of Edward Dee in a way that only music can.

The song will be released on Friday 7th September with all proceeds made from the song going to The Edward Dee Fund.

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