man and dog

READERS’ STORIES: A Man, a Dog and a Waterfall

by Northern Life

By K Halstead

Our walking party had settled for a snack at Goredale when a man with a collie dog passed, to stand at the floor of the falls. It was obvious that they understood each other and the following ‘conversation piece’ was watched with interest and amusement.

Man “Look at that”

Dog: “Spectacular”

Man: “Yes, isn’t it. We are going to climb up”

Dog: “I’m not.”

Man: “Yes we are, it’s easy”

Dog: “The notice says difficult”

Man: “What? Can you read?”

Dog: “Notices”

Man: “Keep off the grass never bothered you?”

Dog: “No, but did you ever see me run past one that said loose dogs may be shot?”

Man: “Aw come on!”

Dog: “No.”

Man: “We’ve been up before.”

Dog: “I was a pup, you stuffed me in your sack, I was terrified.”

Man: “I’m not carrying you now!”

Dog: “I know”

Man: “Don’t be a cissy.”

Dog: “Are you asking for teeth marks?”

Man: “I’ll help you.”

Dog: “Not by dragging me up by the neck you won’t. I’ll be dead at the top.”

Man: “You won’t be dead at the top”

Dog: “I know, because I won’t be there.”

The dog sat down a few feet back from the fall and the man walked back to him. Triumphant, the dog grinned.

In a sneaky grab the man hooked the lead on to the collar. The dog sat until the lead had tightened then in a beautiful leap snatched it from the man’s hand.

A headlong session of ‘catch as catch can’ round the boulders until the man, exhausted, sank down onto the rock. The dog ambled over to the man and sat, tongue lolling and grinning widely.

“That was fun… should we…”

The man picked up a fist sized rock and weighed it in his hand.

“There are witnesses.”

Dropping the stone, the man stood up, slung his sack and set off away from the falls. As he passed I couldn’t resist saying: “ I thought you were going to climb up.”

Giving me a rueful smile he said: “No, not today, too much water.”

The dog, trotting a few feet behind, glanced at me, and I’ll swear he winked!man and dog