Wibsey Suite Centre

8 tips for taking care of your new suite

by Northern Life

Your new lounge suite is long term investment and if cared for wisely, it can last for decades.

We chatted to Chris Stringer of Wibsey Suite Centre for some advice when caring for a suite. For over forty years, Wibsey Suite Centre has made luxury bespoke furniture. “Certain fabrics and materials are more durable than others” says Chris, “It’s also worth choosing the colour of your sofa carefully, as certain colours are easier to clean than others”. Chris shared with us his 8 top tips for caring for your much-loved suite.

Clean using warm water and gentle soap

Cleaning products can easily damage the material of your sofa and even affect the colour dye. Where possible only use warm water with a small amount of detergent and a microfibre (lint free) cloth. If you feel you need to use a more aggressive cleaning product, remember to patch test anything you use on an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t damage the lounge. A good area to do this is on the back, in the bottom corner. Of course if your suite has removable covers, simply check the wash label and wash accordingly.

Do not place your new suite in direct sunlight

As much as you may love to bask in the sunlight, your new sofa won’t be quite so appreciative. Chris says “direct sunlight can cause your furniture to fade”. Avoid this by moving your furniture around the room occasionally to reduce the time exposed to the sun. Your new sofa doesn’t have to be positioned with its back to the wall, experiment with placing your sofa in the middle of the room, creating a passage behind. This can also make the room feel cosier.

Never use silicone based polish on your leather suite

Doing so can damage the leather and leave it feeling sticky. A great tip is to clean your leather suite using a mixture of distilled water and a mild facial soap, two or three times a year. After rinsing, buff the leather with a clean white cloth to restore lustre.

Turn your cushions regularly

By plumping and turning your cushions regularly you can prevent them from wearing unevenly and becoming sunken and unsightly.

It’s not a climbing frame

Your new suite can be an investment that will last decades. If you have children in the house, don’t let them use it as a climbing frame. Similarly, avoid people sitting on the arms of your chair or settee, doing so puts extra strain on the structure and upholstery of your furniture, which will result in loss of shape.

Protect your suite with a stain guard treatment

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Particularly handy if there are small children around! There are various brands out there, but generally a stain guard will last around five years before requiring reapplying.

Vacuum your suite with a soft brush

The dust on your sofa isn’t as obvious as it is in other parts of your house, but it is there. Wibsey Suite Centre says homeowners should vacuum or dust the upholstery every time you clean the rest of your home. And remember to take the cushions off and get right in behind. Take care if vacuuming delicate fringe and braid details and if your cushions are feather or down filled use only a brush, rather than a vacuuum, to avoid pulling feathers out.

Prevention is better than cure

Finally, as the old adage goes prevention is better than cure, and it couldn’t be truer. As Chris says “a well-built piece of furniture can withstand a lot, but it makes sense to minimise the impact of use where possible. Make some simple rules and abide by them”. Don’t allow shoes, pets, or eating on your suite and be careful of sharp objects such as belt buckles, toys and watch straps. If there are children about, try to avoid them doing their arts and crafts projects on your sofa. It takes far more effort to clean your sofa than it does to prevent stains in the first place.

If you feel your suite has had it, and no amount of cleaning will restore its former beauty, do not despair. Wibsey Suite Centre offers a friendly and professional re-upholstery service and with a wide range of leathers and fabrics available they will find a look to suit your suite.