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5 Tyre Care Tips for Keeping Tyres in Good Condition

by Northern Life

If you do not look after your tyres, then they will wear down prematurely and cost you more money than they otherwise would. Even worse, driving around on poorly maintained tyres can be dangerous. You might lose traction and even skid off the road as a result of tyres that are not in good condition. What should you do to keep them roadworthy?

1. Inspect the Tread

Worn down tread means you cannot grip the road well especially in wet conditions. Once tyre tread diminishes to a certain level it becomes illegal. Use a tyre inspection gauge to assess the remaining tread and swap tyres that have balding patches for new ones.

2. Look Out For Side Bulges

When tyres begin to bulge at the sides or have gouge-like cracks that appear, it means the rubber compounds they are made from are beginning to wear. Don’t ignore these warning signs that a blowout may be imminent!

3. Pull Away Slowly

If you get into the habit of pulling away from stationary without dumping your clutch, then the transition from first to second gear will be smoother. What’s more, your tyres will face less stress as the wheels begin to turn. This way, you will preserve them for longer than would be the case if you constantly floor it when pulling away.

4. Set the Tyre Pressure Correctly

Make sure your tyres are neither over or under-inflated. If they are flat, then you will wear them down quicker. The same goes for over-inflated tyres which bow out and cause just one section of rubber to bear the weight of the car. If your tyres do not hold their pressure for long, then replace them. You can get tyres in Castleford today at Ossett Tyre House 01924271081.

5. Hang Back on the Road

Just by keeping a larger gap between your car and the vehicle in front of you on the road, you will be able to keep your tyres in better condition for longer. By doing so, you will need to brake less frequently. In turn, this will mean your tyres will be better maintained.