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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an MOT for Your Car

by Northern Life


Motorists need to ensure that their car is roadworthy and the MOT – a series of official tests – is the way officials ensure car owners have done so. Your car should be MOT proof before you take it on the road, especially if you are driving in rough terrain areas like Scotland or any area within it.

Indeed, it’s easy to book an MOT test online at local approved garages, like Fife Autocentre, so there is nothing to stop you from arranging one right now. Why should you? Read on to find out.


1. Your Car Is Three Years Old


To begin with, it is mandatory for all cars that are registered with the DVLA to undergo an MOT inspection each year after they have turned three years of age. Most car manufacturers produce vehicles that are deemed to be roadworthy until they are three by which time minor issues may have developed. However, there’s nothing to stop you from booking an MOT to pick up problems even if you are not obliged to under the law. There are a few exceptions that mean your car won’t need an MOT, such as if it is of a certain vintage or if it is registered to be off the road for the time being.

2. Your Insurance Won’t Be Valid Without One


If you have car insurance without a valid MOT document, then you should not expect your insurer to pay out in the event of a claim. Unless an incident occurs while you are taking your car to an MOT test centre, insurers are well within their rights to say that the car shouldn’t have been on the road and, therefore, the insurance cover you might have otherwise expected is not applicable. Why waste money by paying for car insurance by avoiding having your MOT carried out?

3. It Could Save Your Life


MOT inspections cover a raft of different mechanical issues. However, a key part of how roadworthy – or otherwise – a car may be has little to do with the engine and other moving parts. This is because modern MOTs will inspect many of the basic safety systems which means you are more likely to survive a serious crash and avoid injury in less serious ones. Things like car seat belts are inspected during an MOT these days to make sure they are compliant and functioning properly. Your brakes, emergency lights, tyre tread depth and even your wiper blades – essential for being able to see properly in rain – will all be checked for you.

4. It Is Good for the Environment


Many cars that are on the road are burning fuel needlessly. Sometimes, this is because of a faulty exhaust or because the tyres are flat so more energy than should be needed is expended to make your car move. Moreover, MOTs now also include emission checks to make sure that localized pollution from your car is minimized. If you care about the global and local environments, then an MOT is a good thing to book because it will help to lower your carbon footprint and improve air quality.

5. You Might Get Fined Otherwise


Finally, there is a sound financial reason to get an MOT booked. They don’t cost that much compared to the other running costs associated with running a car these days. However, avoiding paying for one could land you in a great deal of financial distress. How? The answer is that you could receive a fine for not having one. If you are sent before the local magistrates’ court for such a motoring offence, then you could get into even more trouble with the law. Avoiding MOTs simply isn’t worth it from a financial point of view.