We all can agree that there are weeks in our lives and we are busier than usual, but hopefully, there are also times when we have extra downtime to have fun and relax. If you also happen to stumble upon extra few hours during your day, we have compiled a list of great things that you can do to pass the time and even have fun in your free time.

Be Creative

If you still want to have fun and be productive at the same time, you can take a course on a subject that is interesting for you. For example, if you’re a creative writer, there are plenty of excellent courses for writers on platforms like SkillShare, and tutorials on YouTube. Or, you can try something that isn’t related to your career and take a course on coloring or drawing if that is fun for you.

Play Mobile Games 

And this is a perfect opportunity to practice your skills about the game that you want to master or just have fun and play easy, hyper-casual mobile games. You can even have a gaming session based around a certain theme or pick games from a specific genre if you have even more hours to spare. For example, if you’re a Star Wars fan, there are plenty of Star Wars games that you can play. 

Or, if you want to play games of chance, there is actually an abundance of trustworthy casino sites that are optimized for mobile gaming and feature hundreds of top casino games. For example, roulette is one of the most popular games in both traditional and online casinos. On reliable casino sites like Casimba, you can choose from a great range of roulette games, for instance. Moreover, you can even try your luck with live roulette games and play with a human dealer. 

Fill Your Journals

Bullet journaling was one of the Internet trends that were very popular with a lot of self-help gurus and YouTubers. Even if you don’t have a journal, you can simply use a blank notebook, as this is a fun way to spend your time reflecting on anything that has happened lately, or you can also use journal prompts to write down your thoughts about certain situations. 

In case you want to be productive, journaling is also a good way to make plans about your upcoming week or projects. If you’re not in the mood for journaling about specific events or being remotely productive, you can have fun and fill your journals with your favorite songs, for example, and add pictures or quotes. 


Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are a new way to stay up to date with the latest news or delve into topics that you’re interested in deeper. There are subjects pretty much on everything you can think of, including music, comedy, history, healthcare, and skincare, so it’s safe to say that you certainly have plenty of choices.

It’s also worth mentioning that podcast episodes vary in length, so you will be able to find episodes that suit your schedule from a couple of minutes long to an hour-long episode. A great way to familiarise yourself with different podcasts is to visit sites like Spotify or BBC Radio.