Advent Calendar

10 creative advent calendar ideas

by Northern Life

The run up to Christmas is an exciting time for the whole family, and is all the more fun when it’s hands on! Why spend your money on a boring shop bought advent calendar when you can easily make your own creative masterpiece.

We’ve collected twelve great ideas to inspire you to make your own advent calendar.

1. Miniature Gifts

This idea is great for the kids as it helps to satisfy their desire to open their prezzies early. It’s also fun to hide the parcels around the house and turn the advent into a fun game.

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2. Quick and Simple Advent Calendar

This idea is fantastic if your pressed for time (or just last minute!). It’s quick to produce and looks great with minimal effort, you can also fit lots of goodies in each bag!

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3. Matchbox Drawers

This is a really sweet idea and is very effective for minimal effort. You can get really creative with this idea, using découpage to decorate and personalise your calendar. The really great thing about this idea is that once Christmas is over, your calendar can go in a drawer, ready to be used year after year.

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4. Advent Wreath

This is definitely not a wreath to go on your front door – unless you’re very generous! Simple and stylish, this wreath would look great in any home. We think it would look great with some fairy lights too.

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5. Toilet Roll Tube House

You’ll need to be slightly ahead of the game for this one, unless you’re already a collecter of toilet roll tubes! This calendar is really effective and it’s dirt cheap to produce, unless you start putting USB pen drives in as the link below suggests!

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6. Fridge Magnets

There are two types of people in the world, those who use fridge magnets and those that don’t. If you fall into the latter category, this idea is right up your street. In her blog Jessie suggests that it was free… now, unless you have 25 neodymium magnets and 25 tins lying around, it will cost you something. Nevertheless, this a fantastic advent calendar idea.

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7. Advent Activities

Anther great one for the family, making the run up to Christmas exciting. Each day has a an activity for the family. You won’t know what your doing day to day, but the little ones will be kept occupied.

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8. Baby Sock Advent Calendar

We think this idea is really sweet. It’s super fast to produce and it will make the run up to Christmas fly by. For bigger gifts, use adult socks, but be sure to wash them first!

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9. Wooden Houses

This takes a bit of effort and equipment, but you will reap the rewards in the satisfaction stakes. Under each little balsa wood house lives a little treat and each little house is a treat in it self. We love the simple design of these houses, but you could get creative and cover the walls in Christmas wrapping paper.

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10. Paper Cup Reindeer

This is a lovely idea that the little ones can really get stuck into helping with. Be creative with the decoration, how many different items can you find around the house that could be a reindeer’s nose? The perfect idea, if the back of your car is filled with used chain brand coffee cups.

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