WIN a Wellness Celtic Herbal Bath Kit

We’ve teamed up with Celtic Herbal to offer one lucky winner a bath kit! The kit includes a Natural Bath Oil with Exotic Wood & Ylang, bath salts and soap! Celtic Herbal artisan products are perfect for a bath to relax, boost the spirits, promote better sleep or add a little zest.

Wellness Celtic Herbal Bath Kit – 1 to win


  1. I’d love to win it, as living with a chronic illness can really dampen your spirits, so having something that helps boost it would be lovely xox

  2. I would love to win this for my friend who is potty about posh luxury bath products. It would really put smile om her face.

  3. Because we all need a boost. Added to the chronic insomnia I’ve been suffering with since a recent operation. This seems just the thing!


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