CLOSED WIN £150 voucher to spend at Stitched

WIN a £150 voucher to spend at Stitched specialise in quality made to measure curtains and blinds. They have a large range of carefully selected, sustainable long-lasting eco-fabrics milled locally in Yorkshire. Win a £150 voucher for some new curtains and blinds that stand the test of time – 150+ colours to choose from and all custom made.

To try their 3D Design tool go to


  1. To save money I usually make my own floor length curtains on an ancient hand machine. It would be a lovely treat (and a relief for my hand and arm) to have some ready made curtains

  2. id love to treat myself to some new curtains for my living room,ive had the same boring brown curtains for years,id love a nice red pair

  3. This would be a perfect prize as I need a blind for my side window which is a strange size. Beautiful fabric, would certainly stitch a smile 😃

  4. Long curtains is something I’m currently looking for in my front room. I have blinds, but need curtains aswell. Fingers crossed 🤞

  5. Because a change of curtains can make such a huge difference to a room, almost gives it a complete makeover!

  6. I have nearly finished converting my campervan and all I need now is curtains. This would be the perfect prize for me to win right now!

  7. I’d love to win so I could get some new curtains for the living room – our current ones are lovely (and purple!) but are a bit too heavyweight for the warmer months :o)

  8. I’m redecorating my house room by room and id love to have curtains and blinds made by professions like they have at Stiched.

  9. I have no curtains in my lounge and those in the bedroom desperately need replacing, what an awesome prize this would be to help me out!!

  10. my son’s bedroom has 2 skylights which are a non-standard size, so it would be great to get custom made blinds for them

  11. we need two pairs of very large curtains for our lounge so this prize would enable us to get some new pairs

  12. I made the fatal error of putting my curtains in the washing machine and then the tumble dryer! They got all stuck together and it took me hours unsticking them. They’ve never been the same since. I won’t be doing THAT again any time soon.

  13. After redecorating we really need new curtains but haven’t got the budget for them so the old ones that don’t match at all are still up


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