Are you ready to wake up with Mammoth? A super comfortable Mammoth Wake® mattress could be yours. Mammoth, experts in sleep, health and wellbeing, have teamed up with Northern Life to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a comfy Wake® mattress – worth up to £549.

Mammoth’s all new Wake® collection is currently available exclusively at Argos and designed with healthcare in mind, to ease aches and pains and improve sleep. Beautifully simple – every Wake® mattress contains Mammoth’s naturally cooling Medical Grade™ foam – scientifically tested and shown to improve sleep so it won’t overheat and neither will you, giving you more good nights and more great days.

For your chance to win a Mammoth Wake® mattress, simply answer the question below. To find out more about Wake® visit

WIN A Mammoth Wake® Mattress


  1. I love my bed as it’s the place I recharge my batteries and so I’m able to take my son out to play in the park. Without a good night’s rest I would be doomed. My mattress is on it’s way out – so this would be wonderful.

  2. I bought a new mattress In February, paid £1000 for It and I hate It, Ive been up since 5 this morning, my day off too as I find It so uncomfortable
    I would love to get Into bed and have a good nights sleep

  3. A comfortable bed is the most essential item in my home – I can cope with badly fitting shoes even, but an uncomfortable bed is a definite no, no

  4. My mattress is 17 years old and is very comfortable so I’m reluctant to change it. But I know that it would probably beneficial to do so and this one looks great.

  5. fantastic prize, i am in need of a new medical mattress as i have severe scholiosis and our old one is done and money is tight so would be a very happy person to win this to get a decent sleep at night

  6. id love a new mattress because mine is over 15 years old and i have back problems and dont sleep very well,im a support worker caring for disabled adults and i really could do with a better nights sleep

  7. Leading matress manufacturers say to change your matress every 8 years…..well Ive gone above and beyond the 8 year mark (might be a record??!) I would love a new matress, my back would love it and I think its time to say good bye to the matress I have now, its had some memories on it….mainly childrens vomit!!!! hahaha

  8. I have jaw pain and getting a comfortable good night’s sleep helps prevent associated migraines. I would love to win to try for this reason.

  9. I keep waking up in the night and deciding that the floor with a yoga mat looks more appealing than the bed im lying in. Time for a new mattress, methinks!

  10. I’m not joking, my present mattress is horrendous. You can feel the metal springs digging into you every night. My landlord is an absolute cheapskate and nothing would make me happier than ditching the one I have and having this lush-looking one. I can almost imagine the deep sleep now…..

  11. I’d dearly love to win this as I need all the help I can in getting a full, restful night’s sleep. I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnoea so a new bed, with special technology to stop me overheating, would go a long way towards helping, I’m sure.

  12. This Mattress Looks The Perfect Type For me To Hopefully Be Able To Get a Decent Nights Sleep On , What With My Chronic Neuropathy Giving me Pain Through the Night This Might Just Hold the Secret To Ease My Aches and help me Rest . Thank You 😊
    (Twitter & FB Referall Codes Are For Your Hair Dryer Giveaway & Not His Lovely Mattress )

  13. As we are in the middle of a complete renovation problem, our money is tied up with home improvements. It would be great to complete the look with a new mattress, I’ve already bought new bedding. As my partner suffers with back problems a new mattress would be a godsend for him.

  14. This would be a perfect mattress because I am always hot when I sleep so I think the medical grade foam is the answer, plus my mattress is soooo old!


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