To celebrate 30 years of their one of their most iconic collections, Imperial Blue, we’ve teamed up with Denby to offer our readers a chance to win this beautiful Imperial Blue 12 piece coupe set.

Comprising of 4 x coupe dinner plates, 4 x medium coupe plates, and 4 x coupe cereal bowls, the pieces in this tableware set are a deep and vibrant blue that’s perfectly suited to classic and modern kitchens alike. So, whether you want to add a splash of colour to your neutral kitchen décor or match it to your jewel-toned cooking space, you can be sure this bold collection will fit seamlessly into your home.


These beautiful and versatile handcrafted pieces are a must-have for breakfasts and brunches but will be equally suitable for serving up any meal of the day. And, as a durable stoneware range, they can even go in the oven, microwave and dishwasher for your convenience. In fact, all of Denby’s Made in England stoneware comes with a 10-year guarantee, so they can be part of your home for a long time to come.

To enter, please answer the following question:

Win a beautiful Imperial Blue 12 Piece set from Denby, worth £176.00!


  1. I Love Denby Pottery , Whenever I See this in my Local Debenhams Store I’m Always in Awe . I’d Love to Own your Amazing Set you are giving away . It’s Beautiful .
    Thank You for the Chance .

  2. My mum-in-law has a set of Denby dinnerware for her “best” set, and I am jealous every time it comes out for birthday and Christmas celebrations! I should love to be able to show off this set next time the in-laws are able to join us for a celebration!

  3. 42 years ago in April I had my first Denby dinner set and serving dishes and only had to say goodbye to the last plate 3 years ago. Always my pride and joy I would dearly love to have this beautiful blue set to replace it and show off my meals with pride.

  4. I’d love to win, because all I’ve got at the moment is (most of) a 3-and-a-half-year-old cheapest white set from Wilko’s

  5. I would love to win this lovely classic blue set of Denny tableware. It puts my entire crockery collection to shame.

  6. Blue is my favourite colour and these are gorgeous, the colour is so intense and I love the trim to finish them off

  7. FAB GIVEAWAY! In desperate need of some new plates etc … a little mix-match items at the moment. These would be perfect!

  8. I adore the Imperial blue and it would match my kitchen beautifully. I’d love to win. Denny I’d great, it lasts a lifetime.

  9. I would love to win this because I would love some good quality crokery that matches and enhances my table rather than the mismatched chipped items I have!

  10. Denby Imperial Blue has been part of our lives for 30 years and has survived bringing up three children. Like us it’s getting a bit tired and we have lost bits and pieces over the years. This would keep us going for another 30!

  11. I love Debby pottery, it is made to last, our old dinner set is getting old now.
    Would love to win this to replace it.

  12. I absolutely love the colour, it’s so vibrant and unlike the usual ones. I would love a fresh look in my kitchen and love to own such a iconic colour set. It’ll go perfectly well with my glass and mirrored dining table.

  13. I would be proud to show off this tableware at home. a Denby range would be far superior to anything I have had before

  14. I love Denby pottery and already have some Baroque.. which is now discontinued. Why oh why is this beautiful pattern discontinued.

  15. I have always wanted to own denby crockery. This set is stunning and it really is a statement set. I’d love to own it.

  16. I absolutely love this set but would never be able to afford it. All my plates & bowls are blue so having these would have to be the “best china”set.

  17. What an amazing opportunity to win this beautiful set!!! I was already looking to buy new set for myself. Couldn’t afford expensive like this so it would be a dream to win it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  18. I would love to win this Denby set! This would be our special celebratory crockery! Absolutely love the colour and the fact that it’s durable. 🤞

  19. I would really love to win this competition. I would finally have some decent matching dinnerware! Blue is my favourite colour so this particular set would be perfect!

  20. I love Denby and that colour is just beautiful,plus I only have one plate one bowl left because I keep dropping it,but I wouldn’t drop this ad I will make sure my husband does the dishes as well as the cooking

  21. Denby is an iconic name in the pottery world. Our existing service seems to have lasted forever. It’s time for a change !

  22. I’m hoping to have enough saved for a mortgage soon enough, so I’ll need a new crockery set. This would be perfect!!

  23. Absolutely love Denby, the color of these products is fantastic! Owning these would be fantastic mealtimes for the next ten years and more for my family to enjoy.

  24. I had green Denby when I got married 41 years ago and have 1 plate left. To have this beautiful vibrant colour on the table would really brighten up our meal times and no better brand to wish for.

  25. I would love to win this gorgeous set. I know how durable Denby is as I still have the Denby plates my grandmother bought me for my 18th birthday…..44 years ago!!! They are still going strong.

  26. Would love to win this gorgeous set for my daughter and son in law who recently moved into their first home 🏠

  27. Its such a lovely colour and I would love to add it to my kitchen cupboards. Have the basic mimimum at the moment so any new additions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

  28. My son has just bought his first house. This would be a perfect house warming present for him…and it’s in his favourite colour!! Perfect.

  29. Now my clumsy son is at University. I can actually try and win an amazing Blue Denny set. As I know it won’t be dropped or hidden under his bed for years.

  30. A Denby set would be lovely to replace our bits and bobs we have acquired! I would be simply over the moon to win.

  31. always admired Denby and I love this set. I would keep this just for special occasions like christmas, easter, birthdays etc!

  32. Perfect for my daughter for a wedding present – my wedding present Denby dinner service lasted longer than my marriage did!

  33. I used to have four of each way back,but each time I moved they got borrowed or just disappeared. They not only look good but they are strong and last for ever

  34. Since I was a little girl a long time ago I have wanted a Denby set as my Aunt and Uncle had a set and I fell in love with it. Every time I have got the money to treat myself something else has come along to spend money on 😥

  35. I would love to win this as we have recently had a new kitchen and need to update our tableware and this colour would look amazing in it and I know the quality will be amazing!!

  36. Most of our plates are chipped but being unemployed cannot afford new ones at the moment. Denby has always been a wonderful company and Blue is my favourite colour.

  37. I really need a new dinner set as i broke a 2 bowls and a dinner plate last week, this would go in my pink and blue kitchen too so the rest all match as have some odd ones right now

  38. I would love to win this Denby set as far as my arms will stretch shouting “THIS MUCH!” 😀 As I am moving out of my parents home this year, and into my own place. This would be perfect for to make my kitchen feel more homely and great for when I have friends and family visit for dinner.

  39. I don’t normally bother with competitions but this is the exception, Ive been after a new dinner service for a few years now and this looks fantastic! Can’t wait to serve up lunch in this and be the envy of all my friends and family!

  40. I’d love to win for my mum as she adores Denby and needs some new plates she’d love this and the colours gorgeous thanks for the chance

  41. You cant beat denby for quality style and value and also durability I have some denby so would love to win this set and add to my collection

  42. I’d love to win because not only is this setting a stunning colour, but all my plates and bowls are chipped and old, had them many many years now, need to upgrade.

  43. I have always loved Denby, and have quite a bit of their crockery already, and would love to win this set to add to them.

  44. I love Denby. Have the Greenwich Green collection which I’ve collected over the years. Winning this colour would set me off to collecting the full set in blue as the colour is as fab as the green

  45. I have always loved Denbyware always lovekynstyles and finishes. I would love to add this to my Kichenware

  46. l already have a set of lmperial Blue and my son loves it so if l am the lucky winner he too will have a set

  47. I had some Beautiful Blue Denby mugs and moved house – when I unpacked they were missing I miss them so much as I had been given them by my Mum who had passed away

  48. I have always loved Denby ware and I would be so proud to have this on my dining table 🙂

    The Imperial Blue is gorgeous.

  49. The great thing about an iconic pattern like this is that if you break a piece, you know you’ll be able to replace it!

  50. Love the blue colour will make my Food I cook look so wonderful and its nice to eat off lovely plates and bowls

  51. After nearly 37 years of marriage our crockery has got to be very diverse as items are broken or lent to friends and lost and odd plates etc acquired. it would be great to have a matching set again.

  52. Bought my first Denby years ago & love the different pottery ranges from the Harlequin tea set to my plain white fantastic coffee coos & every item in between

  53. I have just moved house and in need of a new set of tableware – this iconic set would be perfect and look great in the dining room!


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