WIN a Blink Indoor Camera System


Blink cameras are motion-detecting – any movement instantly triggers the cameras to begin recording HD video and audio through the built-in microphone. When the Blink cameras detect motion, you will be sent an instant alert to your device. One-click in the Blink Home Monitor app will allow you to watch the camera’s HD footage in Live View, as well as viewing and managing previous clips that the cameras have recorded. With no subscription fees or data charges, Blink is the ultimate addition to your smart home.

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Blink Indoor Camera System


  1. I’d like this in the porch so I can see who’s at the door without getting up…and ignore it if it’s the in-laws!

  2. living alone this would be a real boost to my sense of security (love to find out which dog is guilty of opening the cupboard in the hall when I’m out too!)

  3. I would love this for my aunt whose 84 and this would be so uch piece of mind for her and myself knowing she can see whose at her door before answering.

  4. id love to be able to keep an eye on my family and pets whilst im working long hours as a disabled support worker

  5. I’d love to win this great prize, as it would give me peace of mind. I also love the design of it and the fact that it is small and unobtrusive.

  6. I never feel safe when I leave home because a neighbour was burgled. This would at least capture an image and video of the perpetrator if I were unclucky enough to be burgled.

  7. Obviously its not going to stop anyone from breaking in but at least if they do you might stand a chance of catching the culprits and getting some belongings back, on a lighter note it could be great for settling arguments between the kids when they are telling tales on one another as It could be useful in gathering evidence lol

  8. We have been thinking about getting this for a long time. I think it is vital for security and peace of mind

  9. My son will soon start to get himself home from school…..this is a great way for me to keep an eye on what hes doing and more importantly, what that boy is eating!!! He already eats me out of the house! lol

  10. Extra peace of mind is always a good thing. Would be able to keep an eye on on things while at work. Just the other day someone tried to break into a neighbours house.

  11. Hubby and I work nights, so it would be fabulous to know the house is looked after while out, especially while on holidays too.

  12. The camera system would allow me to understand what my two cats get up when I’m out. The place is spotless when I leave, safe to say its not when I come home later


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