Win a Shaws goody bag

Shaws chutneys and relishes are so versatile: lifting cheese boards, meat platters, sandwiches and burgers to the next level; as well as offering a store cupboard saviour, capable of transforming the most mundane meal. Whether as a ready-made dip, glaze or marinade, a pep-up for sauces or stir fry’s or a cooking ingredient for both sweet and savoury recipes, Shaws brings a depth, dimension and richness of flavours that is best described in that most technical of Yorkshire terms, ‘just chuffin’ great’. For a regularly growing resource of deliciously inspired original recipes, based on Shaws products, visit the new Shaws website



  1. You can’t beat cheese and crackers with some chutney. I’m always looking to explore new flavour combos so would love to try these!

  2. I would love to win this because my parents love pickles and chutneys and I could give my friend one who needs to eat more food!

  3. Tummy is rumbling at the thought of these chutneys. I would use to jazz up the flavour of burgers and with my favourite strong cheese. Scrummy!

  4. This Yorkshire lass loves Yorkshire products and these gorgeous chutneys and relishes would be the perfect accompaniment for my other love . . . cheese!!!

  5. Oooh – I’d love to win this to share with my amazing family, we all are foodies & love cheese & chutneys… what a great goody bag

  6. What a fab bundle! Perfect for friends and family gathering in the garden this summer! Keeping my fingers crossed

  7. I love cheese & biscuits so much, I had a cheese wedding cake so would love to win this as you can’t beat a bit of chutney on your cheese

  8. My maiden name is Shaw and my dads side were in and around Huddersfield so loving this prize 😍 it all looks delicious 😋🤞

  9. I am a great fan of salads and picnics. I can see myself taking a selection of these great pickles and accompaniments and thoroughly enjoying all of them. I would try pickles first.

  10. These chutneys will go down really with a good cheese ploughman’s or for sharing with family and friends at a barbecue!

  11. I love chutney and could quite easily eat it straight from the jar. Love it on cheese on toast and a nice ploughmans


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