WIN £150 to spend at Scaramanga

Scaramanga offers a range of beautiful, handmade leather briefcases and bags, fabulous repurposed and vintage furniture and a wonderful, eclectic selection of decorative objects.

The Scottish based retailer’s exclusive collections are inspired by classic timeless designs and their bags are expertly handcrafted from the finest materials using traditional tools and techniques.


Scaramanga stocks a range of repurposed and authentic vintage furniture sourced from across the world. They use expert artisans to restore each piece and bring them back to life ensuring they keep their character and charm so they are ready to be used for another generation.



  1. The whole site fascinates me, the beautiful furniture pieces, the objets d’art but most of all the incredible bags which I would be delighted to be the proud owner of. Yes, I would love to be your very lucky winner.

  2. I’d be absolutely thrilled to win this lovely giveaway the beautiful leathered items you sell are very lasting & beautiful

  3. Wow, who wouldn’t want to win this prize 💖 I definitely do that’s why I am really, REALLY hoping with fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞


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