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1. Name Northern Life’s newest columnist.
2. Which endangered bird is the symbol of the Forest of Bowland?
3. Elaine Bookbinder is the real name of which UK singer?
4. Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam was formerly known as what?
5. The Cleveland Way runs along the Yorkshire Coast for how many miles?
6. James and Natsumi Shoesmith have created an English tea shop in which Japanese city?
7. Who had to overcome a fear of heights to take photographs from the top of tall buildings?
8. Aussies call it a ‘Ute.’ What is it?
9. Where would you find Mallard, the world’s fastest steam locomotive?
10. Where were the Pendle Witches tried and condemned to death in 1612?
11. Which TV gardener is ‘Queen of Spades’?
12. ‘Dotty Scotty’ is the brand name of which ‘bird woman’?
13. Which ‘Titanic’ musician had been a young member of Colne Orchestral Society?
14. What type of car does rally ace Sam Bilham drive?
15. Where in Lancashire would you find Astley Hall?
16. Terry Waite was brought up in which Cheshire village?
17. Where did York’s besieged Jewish community commit mass suicide in the 12th century?
18. How much is a subscription to Northern Life?
19. Who were Shalome’s carers?
20. Which American soul singer had hits with Criticize and Never Knew Love Like This?