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1. How many days did it take the Yorkshire Rowers team to cross the Atlantic?
2. Which pop star’s latest album is called Echoes of Our Times?
3. Holi is a festival of which religion?
4. Which film star played several roles in Dr Strangelove?
5. Engineer Walter B. Bassett built which attraction at Blackpool?
6. Which cult TV show was filmed at Portmerion?
7. The Pendle Way walk is how old this year?
8. On what date was VJ Day?
9. Formerly known as ‘manic depression’ what is the condition now known as?
10. How many children was Fred Pittaway left to bring up on his own?
11. Roy Oldfield worked as groundsman for which football club?
12. James Knott and three other were in the newspapers for what incident in 1906?
13. Rooibos is a type of what?
14. Streets of Darkness by AA Dhand is set in which city?
15. In which country is the 7,000-metre mountain Aconcagua?
16. According to the British Heart Foundation, we’ve increased our food portion sizes by how much in the past 20 years?
17. The Bay Hotel at Robin Hood’s Bay dates from which year?
18. What nationality is singing star Caro Emerald?
19. George Fox founded which religious order?
20. Where in Yorkshire is the Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park situated?