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1. What’s the name of the old tramp in David Hall’s story?
2. Who wrote Rita, Sue and Bob Too?
3. Which former pop star was horrified as a lad when his dad killed baby frogs?
4. Where is The Rising Fishery?
5. Annette Beard and Rosalind Ashford sang with which legendary Motown group?
6. Which Japanese photographer inspired Burnley’s Simon Sweetman?
7. What kind of beverage is Rooibos?
8. Name the celebrity chef who loves Sarsons
9. What was title of P P Hartnett’s first novel?
10. Billy Shears first appeared on which famous album?
11. Miquel Brown is the mother of which famous pop singer?
12. Buttershaw Estate is in which Yorkshire city?
13. Nobel Prize winners Sir John Cockcroft and Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson came from which northern town?
14. Which northern nuclear plant suffered a dangerous fire in 1957?
15. Where was champion angler Ben Dobson born and brought up?
16. Which town did the Wiffem Waffum Wuffum Band come from?
17. How much is a Northern Life subscription?
18. Which Pop Idol judge was formerly part of ‘The Hit Factory’?
19. Terry Waite is president of which major music festival?
20. In which town is ‘The Folly’ home to the Museum of North Craven Life?