Some Lucky Dayby Ellie Dean
Arrow, paperback, £5.99


When pretty Kitty Pargeter flew an Airspeed Oxford aircraft towards Kidlington – the airfield just north of the city after which the aircraft was named – the rain and black clouds threatened to cut the flight short.

Kitty was one of the few women in the Air Transport Auxiliary during the Second World War, delivering aircraft between factory and airfields. But as the engine cut out and the plane began to plummet to a crash landing her life was about to change.

Coming to in hospital, having lost one leg, it was the end of her world. It took a rough- talking fellow patient, and the encouragement of her brother, a pilot, along with the unending love and concern of Peggy Reilly and her family, who provided lodgings for her as she recuperated and learned to live with crutches and a prosthetic limb, to give her the will to live and battle on.

Ellie Dean has captured the awesome frustration of life after such an accident, and the privations of wartime Britain, to eclipse her previous six novels. A superb read – with a few tears on the way.



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