Since the start of the pandemic we have seen air pollution and co2 levels rapidly fall. Forget curling irons and back combing, one of the biggest risks our hair is exposed to is air pollution. If you’ve been suffering from dry, damaged and malnourished hair for many years, now is your time to give it the perfect treatment whilst it enjoys a break from being over exposed to toxins on a daily basis. If you’re working from home and already steering clear of heavy products like mousses or hair hairspray then you are on the right track as you can actually attract more pollution elements to your hair if you wear these regularly.

However, we’re not advising to avoid the outdoors! It’s important to get outside, especially whilst the air is fresh. Nicola Johns, Spa Manager at Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa, explains “The body needs vitamins and can harness the restorative effects of sunshine to boost circulation, disperse toxins, and nourish dry skin conditions. Even if the sun isn’t out, it is good to go outside just for a bit to get fresh air and change of environment. Try going for walk, or if you’re short on time just taking a cup of tea to a little sun trap in your garden will do wonders for your sense of wellness”. 


Hopefully, if you’ve completed treatments one and two at your relaxing, revitalising makeshift home spa you are now feeling rejuvenated and ready for the final instalment.

Step 1. Wash hair. It is never recommended to wash your hair using red hot water. It really dries the hair out. Always use cold to lukewarm water to close cuticles and lock moisture in each strand of hair. We also recommend using sulphate and paraben free products, Sukin Hydrating Shampoo and conditioner 500ml, £9.95 each are 100% free from harsh chemicals that strip the hair. Remember to comb first before washing, hair is fragile and weaker when it is wet.

Step 2.  UV protection. Ok so, we’re not going to be blow drying so there’s no need for a heat protection spray. Instead, it’s great to get into the habit of using UV protection, we should use it everyday. In the UK we are still affected by UV rays even though the sun is not always shining. This is like SPF for our hair. A true savour is Lee Stafford’s Coco Loco Holiday Hair Hero 100ml, £4.99

Step 3. Protein spray. Often hair care sprays and serums either repair the surface of our hair or smoothen the strands to temporarily give the illusion the hair is healthier. Defying all hair laws however is Super Strong Liquid Treatment 250ml £21.95 by Paul Mitchell It works instead to replace lost minerals and proteins beneath the surface of the strand and boy does it make your hair grow!

Step 4. Caster Oil. If you don’t have this then a regular hair mask or even a leave in conditioner is fine, but Castor Oil is highly recommended. It’s a steal at just £6.49 for 1L It’s great for eyelashes, brows, nails, cuticles and skin too. It’s also cruelty free and vegan friendly. The oil locks in moisture while promoting a healthy scalp, both crucial to hair growth. It’s best to use the oil around once or twice per week. All you need to do is massage a coin size amount of product onto your scalp. 

Step 5. Mini DIY Indian Head Massage. Whilst the oil is working its magic in your hair and covering your scalp we can follow tips from for this treatment. They advise you to grasp fistfuls of your hair at the roots and pull gently from side to side, keeping your knuckles close to the scalp. You can do this whilst using your palms to squeeze and circle the temples. Look down slightly and bring your hands down the sides of your head to massage the back of your neck ensuring you are putting a comfortable amount of pressure on your muscles. Begin at the top of the neck and work your way down. You can then work your way back up to the temples. 

Focusing now on the crown of your head, rub lightly with all finger tips, the palms of your hands can now be pressed against your forehead, massaging this area simultaneously. If possible, allow a few minutes afterwards to relax and remember to grab a drink of water! This massage supports not only stress relief, improved concentration but also stimulates hair growth. 

You can continue to let the oil soak for 15 minutes to a few hours before rinsing it out again with cold to lukewarm water. 

We hope you feel fully rejuvenated!



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