In a generation fixated on fast fashion and throw-away culture there is something satisfying about retro trends resurfacing. It’s the perfect opportunity to save a pretty penny, dig deep to the back of your wardrobes and pull out some vintage treasures. Although, if it’s new highstreets finds you seek then you can save on guilt instead. Invest in some iconic statement pieces you know will recycle and stand the test of time.

This autumn we are set to be blessed with a multitude of yesteryear gems making a comeback from 1970’s. This iconic decade has recently been crowned the best decade for fashion and beauty.


A study of 1,000 adults found more than 40 per cent of respondents would choose the disco era as the decade they would like to revisit. Nostalgic for the past, almost 3 in 10 wish they had lived through the seventies and 41 per cent believe the ‘disco vibes’ made it the most ‘fun’ period.

The research was commissioned by shopping destination centre:mk to celebrate its 40th birthday, as part of a project called ‘Four Decades of Style – 1979 to 2019’. The study investigated styles from the last 40 years, revealing the trends, fashion fads, celebrated influencers and enduring style icons.

It’s not hard to see why people are favorable to this decade. Whether you fashion yourself as a free-spirited bohemian, a glittery disco queen and or even glam rock and roll star there’s almost something for everyone. The majority of the looks are instantly recognizable too so you can always be sure to stand out. If it is subtlety you prefer however, it is so easy to dilute the odd 70’s standout piece into an everyday casual wardrobe.

Boomerang-ing back from past we are ‘frilled’ to see folk-embroidered blouses, flared trousers, floaty patterned midi skirts, knee high boots and tassels jackets hitting the scene again.

This is not to mention ponchos, capes and chunky jumpers perfect for autumn days. Not only practical but with a rustic fall color palette, Native American and floral patterns to pick from you’ll look bang on tend too.  

If you’re struggling for inspiration or just need a little reminder then there’s a huge catalogue of seventies fashion legends to stalk on Pinterest. Leading the trends of the era were the likes of Bowie, Mick Jagger along with his then-wife Bianca, Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, Jerry Hall and Farrah Fawcett to name a few.

It’s been four decades since the likes of John Travolta was donning a flared white suit, jiving in Saturday Night Fever and since Blondie was playing on top of the pops. A forty year time span in which the world we live in has substantially changed. Almost like a fashion time capsule being reopened for a new generation to enjoy, It is truly fascinating to see the trends of the past come back into the mainstream.

So play that funky music, unleash your inner Disco Queen, throw some flowers in your hair or raise your hand to the sky and make the peace sign. Go ahead and work this retro trend however you wish. Here are some tips to give your autumn style a 70s-esque nod to the past…

Top seventies fashion trends

  1. Glam rock platform shoes
  2. Bell-bottom trousers (Flares)
  3. Patchwork knee high boots
  4. Whimsical floral maxi dresses
  5. Glitzy disco fashion
  6. Floaty peasant blouses
  7. Cross-body Saddle Bags
  8. Floppy hats with or without feathers
  9. Suede Fringe Coats
  10. Of course, Tie dye… almost anything



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