Runaways RailwayBy Kevin Wood
Self-published, paperback £7.99


This is a first time novel by a promising author. Himself a coffee drinking engineer, he has created a cunning fantasy fiction tale about a runaway boy who stumbles on to a train to find himself with a troubled timetable of terror.

It majors on the battle between trains and road for transport supremacy with ghosts, passengers, trains and the railway system all caught up in the contest.

Mark – the runaway – is captured by the Baron, the head of the deteriorating railway system, but is rescued by Helen, the daughter of a previous Baron who, she believes, was murdered by the current leader. She is determined Mark will help her prove this and, with the help of Navvy, whose skills are invaluable, they begun the search for convincing evidence.

Mark gets more and more confused as he struggles to make sense of the squabble between rail and road and the unusual strangers he comes into contact with leads to an exciting struggle in the railway which becomes a living world with death threatened, and confusion constantly dogging his heels.

Friends and enemies are disarmingly difficult to identify as Kevin Wood, who lives near Skipton, weaves a compelling web of conspiracy and conflict. Kevin’s wife, Hayley, has painted an attractive cover illustration.



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