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Pease pudding

Pease Pudding

Pease pudding is a comforting savoury spread, often loaded into sandwiches or smoothed onto fresh bread, either hot or cold.

Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Caulifower cheese soup

Combine two comfort classics - baked cauliflower cheese and a bowl of steamy soup! You’d never believe that this rich and creamy soup could be vegan, or be so easy to prepare.

zesty bread and butter

Zesty bread and butter pudding

This traditional British pudding is delicious, comforting and warming on a cold winter’s day. There’s no need to use vegan butter on the bread, as the vanilla–marmalade custard absorbs and moistens it beautifully.

Chilli Bean Crumble

Chilli Bean Crumble

Haggis Bon Bons with Whisky Sauce

Cook’s tip
This recipe also works well using vegetarian haggis.

Baked shallots and squash with a crispy rosemary, chilli, orange and olive oil breadcrumb topping

A filling vegan supper of sweet roast shallots and butternut squash toped with crispy herbs breadcrumbs. 

Chantenay carrot Thai style satay stirfry

Mexican Style Griddled Corn

Vegan portobello waffles

Ceate the best vegan friendly waffles possible with this easy to follow recipe. Reap the rewards of a healthy breakfast whilst still enjoying a richly flavoured meal with its succulent mushrooms and soy based dressing.