3 low carb recipes for diabetics


When Vickie De Beer’s son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes she and leading dietician Kath Megaw set about creating a cookbook. Here they share a few delicious and low carb recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

For more delicious and no fuss recipes for diabetics, Vickie De Beer and Kath Megaw’s book is available to buy from Amazon.

Mozzarella pizza

Mozzarella Pizza

This is the original 'Fathead' pizza (famous in the low carb world). It takes 10 minutes to make and one pizza is enough to share for lunch. You can put your favourite toppings on but avocado and bacon is one of Lucca’s favourites. I always have some crispy fried bacon in the fridge for use in scrambles or omelettes.

Quick sausage pasta sauce

Quick sausage 'pasta' sauce

If we have time over the weekends we visit the neighbourhood market and buy fresh home-made Italian sausages for this dish. It is easier than you think to make your own sausages; then you know exactly what goes into them.


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