choc pudding featured
    choc pudding featured
    choc pudding featured

    Vegan Chocolate Pudding


    January 23, 2018


    I have never made anything quite like this before. I found the method of using the hot water to cover everything to make the sauce a little odd at first, but when I pulled the cake out of the oven – oh my. I was ready to convert to being vegan just for that! The pudding went down a treat amongst people I shared it with, and was polished off in no time. You know those puddings you get in little pots that come with the sauce on the top and you microwave them? It tasted like that, but better!!

    • Cook: 50 mins
    • Yields: Serves 6


    For the cake

    150 g plain flour

    30 g vegan butter/margarine

    170 g golden caster sugar

    10 g baking powder

    120 ml non-dairy milk (I used almond milk)

    For the chocolate sauce

    170 g brown sugar

    30 g cocoa powder

    420 ml boiling water


    1Pre-heat the oven to 210°c (190°c fan oven)

    2Mix all cake ingredients in a blender then spoon into an oven proof dish

    3Combine the brown sugar and the cocoa powder for the sauce, and sprinkle on top of the cake mixture

    4Cover the whole thing in the dish, with the hot water.

    5Bake for 40 – 45 minutes

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