suet crust pastry
    suet crust pastry
    suet crust pastry

    How to make suet crust pastry the easy way

    January 25, 2017

    Making pastry is quick, easy and essential on a limited budget.


    The basic rule is ‘half fat to flour’ with a sprinkling of salt. Butter tastes best, it may be a bit more expensive than lard or marg but it goes a long way.

    Pies are great but shop pies aren't. Make your own, they’re cheap and you’ll earn five stars from your family. Make sure you have mushy peas and red cabbage to serve.


    220 g Self raising flour

    110 g Cold butter




    1Put the flour and a good sprinkling of salt in a bowl and dip the butter in the flour before grating it with the large holes side of a cheese grater.

    2Dip the butter into the flour continuously so it doesn’t stick.

    3When all the butter is in the flour, add enough cold water to make a slightly sloppy dough.

    4Don’t mix it up too much. The butter should not be mixed in too well.

    5You now have either dumplings or you have a suet style pastry.

    To make dumplings

    1Drop blobs into a boiling broth or stew, put the lid on and cook for 5 minutes.

    To make a pie

    1If you want to make a pie, butter a pie tin or Yorkshire pud tin (or whatever you have) then flour your hands and gently push a lump of the pastry into the base of the tin.

    2Fill with your meat mixture.

    3Make a lid for the pie by flattening out another lump of pastry and laying on top.

    4Bake in a hot oven 'til raised and golden and gorgeous.


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