Leek and Cranberry Strudel

    June 27, 2016

    • Yields: 4


    250g Fresh filo pastry


    50g Butter, melted

    For the filling

    Leeks, trimmed, washed and shredded

    25g Butter

    Orange, zest & juice

    75g Dried cranberries

    50g Brazil nuts, roughly chopped

    75g Caerphilly cheese, roughly diced

    Generous sprinkling ground sea salt and black pepper


    1Lightly sweat the leeks with the butter for 2 – 3 minutes to soften.

    2Add remaining filling ingredients and set aside to cool.

    3When the mixture is cold prepare parcels.

    4Brush a sheet of filo with melted butter and top with another filo layer.

    5Repeat to give 3 layers in total.

    6Brush the top surface and then fold over along the long side to give 6 layers.

    7Cut in half to give 2 rectangles.

    8Place a spoonful of filling in the centre of each layered rectangle and then scrunch up pastry to give a parcel.

    9Brush with remaining butter.

    10For a larger parcel for a main course follow above but omit cutting the folded filo sheets in half.

    11Place two spoonfuls of filling into the centre of each rectangle and then bring opposite corners towards the centre and pinch filo together.

    12Brush with remaining melted butter.

    13Rest prepared parcels onto a baking sheet and oven cook until the pastry is crisp and golden.

    14Decorate parcels with twists of lightly simmered leek strips and cranberries.

    15Serve warm or cold.


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