homemade vegan cheese
homemade vegan cheese

You’ll be amazed by how realistic this homemade vegan cheese is!

July 6, 2016

"But don't you miss cheese?" - this is the soundtrack to the lives of any vegan or person who suffers with a dairy allergy. Well, here's the answer! This homemade vegan cheese recipe includes some ingredients that you might not find in your cupboard but you can easily find these ingredients at any health food shop or large supermarket. Watch the video above to see Jay Astafa's version of vegan cheese, it's nice to see the process and there's certain crossovers with this recipe.

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60 g raw (unslated) cashew nuts, soaked overnight or boiled for 15-20 minutes

230 g aquafaba

2 tbsp tapioca starch

2 tsp kappa carrageenan

1 tsp vegan lactic acid or lemon juice

1 tsp nutritional yeast

3/4 tsp salt

6 tbsp refined cocnut oil, melted


1Blend the cashews and aquafaba on a high speed until very smooth.

2Pass the blended cashews through a fine sieve to remove any large bits and blend again if necessary. it is important that there are no bits in the mix.

3Add the tapioca starch, kappa carrageenan, lactic acid, nutritional yeast and salt to the blender and combine.

4Add the coconut oil and blend briefly until the mixture is smooth.

5Transfer the mixture to a pan and heat over a medium heat until it reachs a thick and smooth consistency.

6Remove from the heat.

7Place a dollop of the mixture onto a piece of clingfilm. Roll it up into a sausage shape than take the clingfilm ends and tie together to create a ball shape. repeat this process untill all of the mixture is used. Watch the video above to see this process (skip to 3:45)

8Drop the vegan cheese balls into iced water to set.

9Meanwhile make a brine using salt a water.

10After setting for 4 hours store the vegans cheese balls in the brine.


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