The Plough’s Chargrilled Octopus With Pepper and Chorizo


    The Plough’s Chargrilled Octopus With Pepper and Chorizo


    December 5, 2017

    A perfect dish for summer.

    • Prep: 45 mins
    • Cook: 4 hrs 15 mins
    • Yields: 4 servings


    200g cubed chorizo

    200g whole Padron peppers

    Whole French stick, to serve

    For the octopus

    500g octopus

    5g thyme

    1x star anise

    25g finely chopped onion

    25g finely chopped celery

    25ml olive oil

    For the garlic butter

    250g butter

    10g garlic

    25g chopped parsley


    11. Vacuum pack the octopus with the thyme, star anise, onion, celery and olive oil, trying to keep the tentacles as straight as possible. Cook for a minimum of 4 hours at 83˚ in a water bath.

    22. When octopus is cooked make the garlic butter. Combine all ingredients over a low heat.

    33. Pan fry chorizo until cooked. Meanwhile char grill the octopus and peppers so that both have visible lines.

    44. Combine all the ingredients and serve with a fresh parsley garnish and warm French stick.


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