Black Pudding Salad

    June 24, 2016

    • Yields: 4


    150 g Black pudding sausage

    A few handfuls of baby leaf/herby salad

    100 g Pancetta, diced

    A portion of baguette, diced

    1 Ripe pear

    50 ml Cider

    25 ml Cider vinegar

    1 tsp Honey

    1 tsp Mustard

    1 tsp Olive oil

    Salt and pepper


    1Soak your pear in cider and vinegar, then plate-up your lettuce.

    2Fry your bread cubes in olive oil to make croutons then place on kitchen roll to drain.

    3Fry off your black pudding and bacon in the same pan for about two minutes until they’re crispy.

    4Add the pear to the pan and stir to warm it up.

    5Now add the remaining marinade to the same pan and simmer for one minute – adding the seasoning, mustard, honey and a little more oil.

    6Whisk together. Drizzle your warm dressing over the salad, add a few croutons and delve right in.


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