Recipe Tag: coconut oil

Coconut Macaroons

Coconut macaroons with chocolate chip dipping sauce

Coconut macaroons and chocolate are a match made in heaven. These are the perfect onthe- go snack and I love popping a few in my bag for that 4pm ‘tea and cake break’ with a twist.

Panfried Trout

Pan-fried trout with cucumber, apple and dill salad

The sweetness of the apple really goes well with this strong-flavoured fish, but if you can’t find trout fillets you could use salmon instead. Although capers are known to be high in sodium, they add an extra burst of flavour, which is just what fish needs.

Grilled Lamb Rump

Grilled lamb rump with rosemary cauliflower mash

You might need to take a trip to the butcher to get this particular cut of lamb. Swap your weekly steak for lamb with cauliflower mash – it’s bursting with flavour and will leave you feeling satisfied.

Heartwarming Pho

Heartwarming Pho

I love pho for supper; it’s a Vietnamese-inspired soup with plenty of heartwarming veg. This is the perfect light meal for a cold night when you’re looking to get loads of vitamins in one hit.