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Readers' Stories

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generation gap

READERS’ STORIES: Generation gap by Michael Macro

By Michael Macro Tom McSweeney kept his eye on the orange float as it bobbed gently in the slow moving stream, and the practised flick that cast it anew at the end of each pass...

READERS’ STORIES: The butler, the cat and Sir James

My visit was to the main house of a large estate, and it stood at the end of a tree lined drive. The central elegant stone edifice with picture windows was flanked by two equally...


By Olwen Lund, Colne His profile was interesting enough for me to want to know more. I’m not talking about a physical profile (as in a sideways photo - the sort they take when you’re...

READERS’ STORIES: Ghost Busters Are Us

by Patricia W Tapsell, Burnley I've never seen a ghost, nor do I particularly want to. I think that maybe they can exist because I've heard of people's experiences of seeing ghosts but I'd just...
Shibden Hall

READERS’ STORIES: Mystery of Shibden Hall

After a week of heavy rain, finally today looked a little better with a hint of sunshine in the air. I was hungry, and, with my birthday coming up tomorrow, I decided to treat...
A Strand of Hair by David Hall

READERS’ STORIES: A Strand of Hair

Olive reached into the wardrobe and took out the suit her husband had worn to work the previous day - the day on which he had arrived home from work rather late with no...
lost in time


By G Hemson All my life I had been very fond of one of my aunts. She was always so funny; a vibrant personality, a spade was a spade and in her broad Lancashire dialect...
blues and reds

READERS’ STORIES: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Blue’s rubbish. Red’s the colour,” snapped Joe. His brother, Arthur was quick to retort. “Liar. You’re younger than me. Blue’s best.” It was a regular argument between the twins which Arthur, who was born a few...
Polish Pete

READERS’ STORIES: Polish Pete, My New Pal

By David Powell Walking was so much easier in the sunshine. I had just photographed the A4 Pacific ‘Bittern’ as it made its way south through the village of Burn, down the East Coast Main...

READERS’ STORIES: Old Godfrey’s Railway

By David Powell I had finally got a weekend off work, and there was, I thought, no better way to spend the Saturday than visiting the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, riding up and down...