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Readers' Memories

Would you like your memory published? We love to read memories from our readers and we always welcome more.
Send your memory to us using this simple form, email us at memories@looppublishing.co.uk or send it to us via snail mail.

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90 is the new 19

Organising a surprise 90th birthday celebration is not the easiest thing. You can’t exactly get everyone drunk and annoy the neighbours with your loud music and loose morals. So we do the next best...

Soulmates on the Farm

By Gillie Threadgold, SkiptonMy father’s soulmate was large, very large, strong-bodied with a uge head, intelligent and  possessed of wise and gentle eyes. Although my father was six feet tall and very slim it...
Church Processions

Church Processions

By Mary J O'Rourke, Clayton-le-MoorsMany years ago most towns and villages had religious processions of witness, and what spectacular events they were, thousands of people lined the streets to watch them.The day was usually...

The Turkey and the Quail

One cold December evening, my dad returned from work. He bounded into the house and quite deliberately pointed at me and said: “You! Come outside and give me a hand will you?”“What? Me?” I...
Jayne Pickard Bullying

Pain of the Bullies’ Victims

By Jayne PickardSomeone on Facebook has just called me a bully, just for having an opinion. Now, anyone who knows me knows that that is something I would never be, nor could ever be....
Cousin Nadim and Rizwan

Jesus is Coming

Long summers and endless days, the sun’s rays draping you in a sweet velvet embrace, reassuring you with its warmth, promising you a glorious time ahead. School had finished in the second week of...
join the military

Culture Shock

It was dark, it was raining. It was two o’clock in the morning and I was in a police station on Toller Lane at the custody desk, explaining myself to the desk sergeant.I had...

Fairies in Holden Park

Dear Karen, The fairy feature from your previous issue (Dec/Jan 14) was fascinating as I could call myself an Oakworth Fairy. My husband John Selly (formerly known as Jack) has been a professional artist...
Roy Hardacre

My war in the RAF | Roy Hardacre

By Roy Hardacre (AC/2, 972671), Fence On September 3rd 1939, war was declared between Great Britain and Germany. In late October, early November, the RAF announced that volunteers of good standard would be allowed to...
Elsie and Joseph Claughton

The 1941 Diary of a Haworth Housewife

by Ian DewhirstBig surprise for everybody,” Mrs. Elsie Claughton wrote at Whitsuntide in 1941,” clothes are to be rationed... Everybody is talking about clothes rationing.” When she went to Skipton to buy herself some...