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Vintage by the Sea – 5th and 6th September

Get Wise to Morcambe It was feared around the turn of this century that Morecambe would never recover from a series of unfortunate incidents that...
Falcon Manor

The North’s Alive on the A65

If the Pennines are the backbone of England, then surely the A65 is one of its arteries. From the heart of the great city...
Tricia Penrose Photo credit: Alex Cowland

We visit Tricia Penrose at her Cheshire home

Life is for the taking, and that’s exactly what husband and wife team Tricia Penrose and Mark Simpkin have done. They’ve grabbed it, packed...
Shop Local

Shop Local, Shop Proud!

Shopping at local markets benefits your community, the environment and your bank balance. Once upon a time, the market was the heart of most towns...

Off-Comed-Un | Poetry

From softly rounded downs To bleak and rugged moors From orchards to the heathered hills. Rich pastures to sparse grazing, Red brick to grey stone chimneys, Back-to-backs and laundry...
Joan Pomfret

A Celebration of the life and work of the late writer Joan Pomfret

Peter Jones, of Lancashire Authors’ Association, celebrates the life and work of the late Joan Pomfret, who was born over 100 years ago. Joan Pomfret...
Miners' strike

The Striker’s Wife | Miners’ Strike

Thirty years ago, the Miners’ Strike of 1984/5 came to an end after a whole year, leaving a bitter legacy. It was a year...
Wooden gavel

Sex, Cruelty and Poison – The Trial of John Sagar

The trial of John Sagar, a Keighley workhouse master accused of poisoning his wife, shocked Victorian Yorkshire to its core. Lurid details emerged of...
Kay Green

Looking Forward, Looking Back | Kay Green – on her travels

The adventures of a single woman Yorkshire lass Kay Green,who has started a new life as a single woman aged 50, continues to record her...

Interview with Biff Byford of Saxon

The Road Warrior 35 years, 20 albums, countless live shows and still no sign of slowing down: Saxon prove to be a force to be...

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