LIKE A DIAMOND: Moissanite rings are a cut above

Moissanite - like a diamond
One of these is not a real diamond (answer below)

She’ll never know, we promise!

Ok, let’s leave the temptation for deception aside for a moment. Moissanite diamonds really are impressive. Like a diamond they are beautiful colourless gems. They are almost as hard as diamonds (Moissanite is 9.2 on the Mohs hardness scale compared to diamonds which are 10). They are also guaranteed to be conflict free, they’re almost impossible to tell apart from diamonds, and they come in at a fraction of the cost. We are struggling to find a reason to buy a real diamond.

We are struggling to find a reason to buy a real diamond.

Contrary to popular belief Moissanite does occur naturally, however its rarity makes diamonds seem as common as muck. It is so rare in fact, that until the 80s many doubted its existence. The gems you see today are lab grown and because of this any imperfections are very, very slight. For a 1 carat diamond engagement ring of a similar quality you’re looking at a price in the region of £4,500. The Moissanite equivalent comes in at around £900. You can find a huge range of Moissanite engagement rings on Etsy.

But do they sparkle like a diamond?

The honest answer – no they don’t. The best thing though – they actually sparkle slightly more. Moissanite gems tend to have more sparkle than even the cleanest of diamonds. A gem’s ‘sparkle’ is measured using the refractive index (RI). Diamonds measure at 2.42 RI whereas Moissanite sparkles at anything from to 2.65 RI to 2.69 RI. Some will say that the extra sparkle and colour that you get from Moissanite engagement rings is actually a bad thing. It’s just a question of taste really, but unless you have a Moissanite and a diamond side by side it is really difficult to spot the difference.

It’s worth noting that Moissanite gems always have a slight colour to them. It would seem fair to compare them to an H grade diamond (in case you don’t know, an H grade diamond is in the top end of the nearly colourless range). And, as is the case with diamonds, the larger the gem the more this colour will be apparent.

But diamonds are traditional aren’t they?

Well, yes and no. We can’t deny the beauty and allure of a diamond, but they are over-priced and the truth is they are not as “special” as we are all led to believe. Far from being popular by tradition, the popularity of the diamond engagement ring was the result of some very fine marketing by De Beers in the 30s. Their marketing campaign eventually garnered huge results in the 50s, when De Beers convinced the entertainments industry to jump on board. This peaked with the Marilyn Monroe movie; Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. So, I suppose you could say they have become tradition, but it’s a tradition with a very short history.

Ok, they’re not that traditional but they are rare…

They really aren’t that rare either. You would be forgiven for thinking that finding diamonds is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, in the 30s the De Beers group came across so many diamonds that they were at risk of being considered little more than shiny pebbles. They had such a large quantity that they suddenly found themselves owning the lions share of the world’s diamonds. With their monopoly entrenched, they could cut the supply and convince the unknowing populace that the shiny rocks were hard to find. Diamonds aren’t rare, they’re hoarded.

That’s enough trash talking diamonds! Let the Moissanites speak for themselves…

5Moissanite 1 Carat Round Brilliant Solitaire Ring with Stone Set Shoulders

This beautiful 9 carat gold solitaire ring is something truly special. It features a centre 6.0mm Round Brilliant Moissanite and a further 10 Moissanite stones in the shoulders.

The round cut of the stone is a traditional shape for an engagement ring, making this piece a stunning way to celebrate the first in a lifetime of memories together.

4Moissanite 18 Carat White Gold 1 Carat Solitaire Ring

The one carat diamond equivalent Moissanite gem is 6.5 mm wide and has a striking, fiery brilliance, creating an eye-catching sparkle. The 6 claw setting frames it perfectly, while the 18 carat white gold band creates a chic and contemporary piece.

The round cut of the gem is a traditional shape for an engagement ring, making this piece a wonderful way to celebrate your love for one another.

Was £1,199 Now £899.25

3Forever One 2.75 Moissanite Vintage Engagement Ring

A beautiful halo Moissanite engagement ring made of 14K White Gold set with a Cushion cut Moissanite of 2.00 carat accented by 80 natural round diamonds.

The centre stone of this unique engagement ring is of excellent cut , White colour and VVS clarity . The total carat weight of this Moissanite ring is 2 3/4 carat.


2Moissanite 1.1 Carat Solitaire Ring with Stone Set Shoulders

The spectacular 6.5 mm 1.1 Carat equivalent Moissanite jewel to the centre is paired with twinkling set shoulders for a wonderfully decadent shine. Moissanite is a near colourless lab-created jewel with 2.4 times more fire than diamonds and this beautiful stone is held in a contemporary 4 claw setting.

Was £799 Now £599

1Rosados Forever One Moissanite Classic Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is perfect for those who are classics! This design is made to fit flush with most of the Rosados Box wedding rings.


Moissanite - like a diamond
By the way – the real diamond is on the left.


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