If like us, you love to wander the rooms of stately homes pretending to be the lord or lady of the manor but couldn’t even afford a chicken hut on the estate then why not inject glamour and grandeur into your own home? By adding a few regal accessories you too could be the king of your very own castle.

Whether you term it cheating or ‘faking it’ this trend is fast becoming one of the most popular and affordable ways to transform homes.

We’ve put together a few ideas to help you achieve that manor house style.

1Antique Style Ornate Mantel Clock

£54.95 www.MelodyMaison.co.uk

2Menu Reade table lamp

£159.95 thehut.com

3Bardot Large Smoked Glass Chandelier

£1,190 alexanderandpearl.co.uk

4Black Standing Stag Ornament

£27.95 MelodyMaison.co.uk

5Ballad Vintage Brown Fabric Accent Chair

£329.00 oakfurnituresuperstore.co.uk

6Golden Chic Dancing Stag Bookends

£29.95 thefarthing.co.uk

7Golden Feather Wall Mirror

£95 thefarthing.co.uk

8Lush Fern Framed Print / Peacock Bookends

£32 miafleur.com

9Mary Framed Print By Vanilla Sky

£29.95 ovohome.com

10Nike Winged Statue

£138 miafleur.com

11Ornate Gold Photograph Frame

£5.50 MelodyMaison.co.uk

12Stable Mates Horse and Jack Russell Linen Mix Cushion

£17.95 athomeinthecountry.co.uk

13Westmill Rug in Eau de Nil

£195 thefarthing.co.uk


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