Kingsway Vets – Friendly, compassionate and trusted…

Kingsway Vets

Kingsway Vets

Kingsway Veterinary Group continues to develop as it has done since the 1930s, playing a leading role in veterinary care throughout Skipton and the Dales.

Kingsway Vets has been awarded the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Small Animal Hospital status and is the ONLY small certified animal Veterinary Hospital within the Craven and Ilkley district. With a 24-hour emergency service providing non-stop nursing care, the highest standard of welfare is provided for your pet, giving you peace of mind round the clock.

Skipton – Tel: 01756 793224 Cross Hills – Tel: 01535 635115 Silsden – Tel: 01535 657273 


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