Stacey Hart
Stacey Hart

Stacey Hart is chef and recipe developer, who works to the mantra ‘taking out the sugar but not the taste!’. Here Stacey shares with us five healthy alternatives to our Christmas favourites.

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Alternative Christmas Cake

Carrot, Cinnamon and Chia Cake Low sugar and gluten and dairy free

There’s nothing more traditional than a Christmas Cake, but a rich fruit cake is not everyone’s cup of tea and they are jammed full of sugars. Instead I’ve created a festive flavoured alternative, which can replace your traditional bake or simply be a nice addition on Boxing Day.

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache Hand Held Pies

There was a spell in most people’s teens where we all ate far more Pop Tarts than we should have done. Now a little older and wiser I’ve realised that they’re not the healthiest snacks going, so I wanted to re-create something that gave the same taste satisfaction, but without all the sugar.

Gingerbread Slice

Low Sugar Ginger Slice

Whether it’s gingerbread men or German Lebkuchen, ginger is an essential flavour of Christmas. These simple Ginger Slices are virtually sugar free and are deliciously soft and gooey. Pop them in a tin and give them as a thoughtful homemade gift…or keep them all to yourself!


Low Sugar Orange and Cardamom Shortbread

There’s always a tin of shortbread kicking around at Christmas, but it’s such an easy biscuit to make and super simple to reduce the sugar in that there’s no reason to buy the sugar laden variety when this recipe is so tasty.

Swiss Roll

Reduced Sugar Stripy Swiss Roll

It seems you can’t go to a Christmas party without a chocolate log appearing at some stage, but I always find them a bit heavy at the end of a big meal, so I’ve created this lighter lower sugar version.


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