By Tsvetomir Valchev

For those of us trying to lose a few extra pounds before Christmas, many would turn to expensive gym memberships and personal trainers. As it may seem like a good idea, there may be an even easier way to stay fit, exercise daily and look good for your family reunion this Christmas.


New research by the Drexel Neurosciences Institute shows you can improve your memory and greatly reduce your risk of dementia diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases simply by engaging in moderate physical activity.

Dr. Carol Lippa, director of the Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Program at the Drexel Neurosciences Institute emphasised that we would immediately have better results in long term if we all exercise regularly.

She also said that there are various ways we can engage in physical activity daily but the important element is break the old habit of being sedentary. That way exercising becomes a lot easier and something we all look forward to every day.

Such an activity could be as basic as walking. Dog walkers for example tend to do more exercise on average than gym enthusiasts. It is estimated that an average 2 hours of dog walking is done daily by our pet lovers. That equivalents to 840 minutes in total or 14 hr a week (In fact, that is more than the recommended weekly dose and an excellent way to keep fit and lose weight).

Paul N, a pet sitter for Max and Kitty, talks about how much he loves dog walking for the activity: “I enjoy dog walking mainly for the exercise. I was doing 4-5 trips a day up to a mile”.

Paul says that it is common for people to accumulate calories over the festive seasons but it is also easy to burn them with regular exercise

“Especially over Christmas, people take in too many calories so it is a good idea to take up dog walking”, said Paul.

Earlier this year, a study in the journal Gerontologist found that older adults who walked dogs experienced “lower body mass index, fewer activities of daily living limitations, fewer doctor visits, and more frequent moderate and vigorous exercise.

This study explored the associations between dog ownership and pet bonding with walking behaviour and health outcomes in older adults. The research concludes that participating is even small to moderate exercise such as dog walking can help us improve our memory and reduce chronic disease.

“More so, if you are lonely person, it helps with your wellbeing”, concluded Paul.

Whether you are looking to lose a few extra pounds before Christmas or keep your brains sharp, regular exercise is the best way forward. Even more so, if you are looking to exercise in the company of a pawesome friend, then perhaps an activity like dog walking could be the best match for you.



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