Nadiya Hussain

We chat to Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain

Life couldn’t be sweeter for Nadiya Hussain. The Great British Bake Off winner is the latest big name to join Foodies Festival Christmas in...
Antonio Carluccio

IN PICTURES: We join Antonio Carluccio as he celebrates his 80th...

Friday night was big night for the Godfather of Italian cooking as Antonio Carluccio enjoyed a double celebration - the opening of his York...


Jack Monroe

We chat to ‘A Girl Called Jack’ author Jack Monroe

When Karen the editor asked if I fancied interviewing Jack Monroe for this issue I was whooping and a-cheering and telling everyone from the...
Mango Ginger Cheesecake

Mango and Ginger Cheesecake

I spotted these lovely honey mangoes at the market and felt absolutely compelled to take some home. Mangoes, for me, always bring to mind...
Viet Shack

Viet Shack

I was leaving Manchester centre, already overdue lunch and thinking I couldn’t bear the thought of being at the mercy of yet another sandwich...
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Quick avo and chocolate ice cream

Quick avo and chocolate ice cream

Makes 1 litre2 - 3 medium, ripe avocados, peeled and stone removed 500 ml double cream 45 g cocoa (unsweetened chocolate) powder 75...
Quick sausage pasta sauce

Quick sausage ‘pasta’ sauce

If we have time over the weekends we visit the neighbourhood market and buy fresh home-made Italian sausages for this dish. It is easier than you think to make your own sausages; then you know exactly what goes into them.

Mozzarella pizza

Mozzarella Pizza

This is the original 'Fathead' pizza (famous in the low carb world). It takes 10 minutes to make and one pizza is enough to share for lunch. You can put your favourite toppings on but avocado and bacon is one of Lucca’s favourites. I always have some crispy fried bacon in the fridge for use in scrambles or omelettes.


Snickers Salami

Bologna, 1973. Giuseppe Conte, an artisan purveyor of fi ne Italian salami, is mixing pork with fat, herbs, and pepper, ready to be cased and shaped into one of his prized sausages. Suddenly a plume of dark brown smoke clouds the room. Giuseppe coughs, splutters, then licks his lips. “Chocolate?!”. A bag of cocoa powder had fallen from a shelf high above the mixing bowl and landed square in the mix. Throwing caution to the wind, curious as to whether he may have discovered a potentially wondrous flavor combination, Giuseppe completed the salami and sold it from his stall at the Mercato. Everyone hated it. This story isn’t true, but the recipe below is every bit as real as our imagination, and is meat-free! We chucked in Snickers because they’re great, but you can substitute them for your favorite chocolate bar if you want. Enjoy, guys!


Fajita Cake

Twisted are very pleased to inform you that cakes are finally cool again. No longer confined to your Great Auntie Mabel’s larder, these round, layered, sweet creations have been given a makeover, sexed up, and most importantly of all, you can now eat them for dinner. That’s right dudes, savory cakes are the future, and this slice of fajita-style genius should be top of your list. Make it.

Bacon Avocado Eggs

Bacon avocado eggs

Sometimes, you want a light, refreshing breakfast of oats and berries, and sometimes, you want a soft-boiled egg, placed inside an avocado, wrapped in a blanket of bacon. One might justify making our recipe by reminding themselves that avocado is the good kind of fat. As for the bacon, well you can’t win ’em all… Prepare to pig out.


heart disease

Heart attacks kill 2,200 people prematurely every year in Yorkshire and the Humber

~ British Heart Foundation says urgent research is needed to target causes of heart attack...
childrens junk-food

North West backs ban on children’s junk food advertising

IN the North West, 71 per cent of the public back a ban on junk...
Bloom Nutrifusion Matcha

Keep yourself in tip top shape with what’s new in health products

The all new TomTom MultiSport Cardio GPSEVERY BEAT OF YOUR HEART The all new TomTom MultiSport...

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