One week I’m sat in the Northern Life office typing away writing articles and speaking to advertisers, the next I’m getting my boxing gloves on and floating around on stage telling a story that is sure to ‘sting like a bee!’

When I’m not tapping away at my keyboard for a living, I work as an actress. I’ve embarked on numerous exciting projects after graduating from The University of Salford in 2015. One of the projects I worked on, Borderland, which originally began touring in March 2017, is making a comeback for a special one off performance at the University of Manchester’s Martin Harris Centre on 23rd February for LGBT History Month – and when I got the phone call asking if I would reprise my role as Kayla – well it was time to beg Karen for the time off! Obviously thrilled at the prospect of not having to look at me for a week she agreed straight away – as long as I wrote about it and she got free tickets – well I think I can just about manage those demands!

Chloe McLaughlin in Borderland
Chloe McLaughlin in Borderland

Borderland, set in the aftermath of the 2001 race riots, traces the relationship of two young women (one White British, one Pakistani British) in a time of racial segregation, religious suspicion and shifting sexual politics. The play, awash with Northern themes, is written by James Harker and directed by Danielle McIlven and starring alongside myself are Lucky Sangera and Rob Ward.

James says: “This is a play about an everyday sort of tragedy. It’s a play about segregation and the powerful forces behind it. It’s also a relationship: messy, imperfect and occasionally beautiful.”

I play the role of Kayla. She’s a bit of a bruiser, naughty at school but very disciplined in boxing. You see many sides to her throughout – she’s different to the ‘cocky’ young girl she is at school.

Well, it’s 5pm. It’s time for me to get myself off to my CrossFit class – boxers don’t look like they’ve eaten nothing but biscuits, cheese and chocolates for the past few months which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Let’s hope the show is a knockout!

Tickets are available from or by calling The Martin Harris Centre Box Office on 0161 275 8951 or Quaystickets on 0845 208 0500.


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