BOOK REVIEW: Pastures New by Jenny Palmer

Pastures New

This is very much Jenny Palmer’s personal story so it is a bit parochial in the sense that it stays with her and the minutia of her adventurous life-style.

Not that her life was ordinary, roaming as she does to various parts of the country and the world with a freedom that is not everyone’s forte.

She flits from lodging to lodging, staying with friends, new acquaintances, and others – even hotels – as she drifts from continent to continent taking in Spain, Libya, North Africa and several South American countries.

It is something of a highspeed kaleidoscope of travel as she teaches English to others, and gets involved in other educational enterprises.

Because it is so personal you do need a good reason for wanting to read this book but you will get at least a feel for her background and an understanding of the 70s and 80s with squats and squabbles, and adventures in parts of the world that were dangerous.

Obviously strong-willed the Lancashire writer keeps up the pace in her life and in her writing.

Pastures New by Jenny Palmer, Nu-Age Print Copy, Paperback, £5.99


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