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Cow Selfie fundraiser

Back to Mac | Terry Waite

A return to Macclesfield, on the border that divides Cheshire from Derbyshire, always brings back many memories for me. I was born just outside...
christmas fall out

Festive Fallouts

Festive Fallouts: Half of Britons Argue with Family at Christmas with the Majority of Arguments over Family Disputes New research from the UK’s leading discount brand...
suet crust pastry

Pies with cheat suet crust and dumplings

I'm rubbish at cakes (no patience to read a recipe and too much faff for my liking) but I am an excellent pastry maker....
microwavable cake

Miracle Microwave Chocolate Cake

How many years have I been making and ruining cakes? Seems like forever. Last week was Aunty Mary’s birthday and before I could think...
chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse at 15p per serving

What’s better than a bar of chocolate? Chocolate mousse, that’s what. But if you do it the traditional French way with a zillion eggs...

Essential Bolognese batch cooking at 63p per portion

I always try to have some Bolognese in the freezer, divided into portions. It gives me a day off when I'm sick of cooking...
meaty flan

Baked Meaty Flan

Baked meaty flan with peanuts. Yes, I know that sounds odd but it's a variation on a Joscelyn Dimbleby recipe that's really good. She uses...
chicken and fried vegetables

Chicken and vegetable fried rice

Chicken and vegetable fried rice. It has to be quick and easy tonight as I've got 500 Christmas cards to sign and then 150...
polish beef rolls

Polish beef rolls

Polish beef rolls and how to upset the neighbours. I am in London, staying with my best friend Zalia who is Polish. I have...
chestnut mushroom and shallot pie

Chestnut, Mushroom and Shallot Pie

Ingredients • 200g cooked chestnuts (such as Merchant Gourmet vacuum packed) • 2 bay leaves • 1 sprig fresh rosemary • 200ml red wine • 300ml vegetable stock • 25g...

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